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2011 Troost Festival Volunteer Position Descriptions

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Discussion Facilitator (Topics) Topic discussion facilitators will be stationed at 1 of 10 tables to generate and spur discussion in the following areas: art, communication, community, education, environment, health, justice, resources, sciences, and spirituality. This person should be able to set the tone for discussion, validate multiple perspectives, and spur participation when it is lagging.

Discussion Facilitator (Soapbox) Soapbox discussion facilitators will coordinate the flow of speakers to the soapbox. This person should be able to welcome the unanticipated and respond in a timely manner.

Crowd Management/ Security Control flow in high traffic areas around the stage and in the general area of the festival. Volunteers must be able to politely enforce standards, be comfortable in high traffic areas and be on their feet for most or their entire shift.

Volunteer Hospitality Area Assistant Hospitality Area volunteers assist in hospitality area. During the festival, volunteers welcome other volunteers, performers, vendors, answer questions, make sure that the area is clean, and replenish food, beverage and utensils when necessary.

Volunteer Check-in Assistant This person assists in the operation of volunteer check- in area by greeting volunteers, recording check-in times, directing volunteers to work sites, and distributing t-shirts, ID and food coupons.

Floater Floaters perform a wide variety of tasks, as they fill-in when extra volunteers are needed unexpectedly, or when scheduled volunteers fail to report for duty.

Green Team (Environmental Support) Clean-up Crew The day of the event, the Clean-up Crew roams the festival area collecting refuse left by the festival participants. Armed with gloves and plastic bags, the Clean-up Crew is an integral part of sustaining a positive image of Troost and the Troost Festival.

Production Assistant (Area Set-up & Take Down) Production Assistants augment the muscle of the production crew by helping load inventory and install the physical elements of the festival grounds – tents, booths, fences, flooring, etc.

Survey Taker Survey takers gather valuable data for the funders and marketing by roaming the grounds and administering opinion surveys to receptive festival attendees.

Entertainment/Vendor/ Festival Parking Assistant The Parking Assistant helps direct properly credentialed vehicles through the park to the reserved lot. Working in a small team, the Parking Assistants communicate to each other via radio and wear reflective vests. This position requires a lot of standing and sustained attention in a bustling environment.

Children’s Area Assistant Facilitate children’s activities (games, crafts and performances) by assisting and encouraging children’s participation, Assist with visitor questions and safety.

Information Booth Provide information to the general public, including performance times, restroom locations, transportation options, directions.

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