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“Coffee House on the Street”
an opportunity to dialogue at the Troost Ave. Festival

Community exists only by “an enabling, unified understanding,” which is what Albert Einstein called an ethic. Through personal dialogue, center to center, we can reconcile the diversity among ourselves into a celebration of harmony, overcoming the stigma of Troost as a ‘dividing line’. When there is personal understanding, diversity makes life more meaningful, . . . if we would just take time to dialogue!

You are invited to make Troost into a ‘place of meeting’, where all interests and concerns are shared through diverse friendships and understanding.

The integral ethic needs to include all aspects of community life in a dynamic of wholeness. “The Coffee House” will have ten circles of chairs at the Festival, allowing people to join in considering all aspects of their life together:

• art • health
• community • justice
• communication • resources
• education • science
• environment • spirituality

We are looking for visionary leaders to assist the dialogue who have a particular concern in any of these ten areas. Mostly we want informal leaders that are willing to share with neighbors, although experts are welcome. For instance, asking others: What do you want for education, or health, or justice in our community?

Contact us if you want to openly express your interest or concern in any of the above areas; otherwise, please come to the Festival and join with friends and neighbors. Everyone who lives or works in the Urban Core is especially invited; our commitment is to joy and our method depends on being friends. “If we want a friendlier world, let’s make friends.”

Are you a leader of an organization within the Urban Core? We are counting on you to encourage members to help create this event. While many of the arrangements have been made, there is always more to be done, and more possibilities for performances and exhibits. This is a free event. If you want a display table about your projects, an artist’s booth, or if you want to speak or perform, there is no change. You must however bring your own table, or booth, or ‘soap box’ (we will have a stage). If you want to sell food, you must make arrangements with the Health Department.

Sharing your vision for the Urban Core is most important. There are many significant and successful efforts being made that we all want to celebrate. We are finding that the planning of the event is also the event. Shared vision is powerful. Come to join in the fun every Thursday, at 7:30 p.m. at 3101 Troost. We enjoy knowing more and more diverse community people. Donations to cover costs are needed, and will be appreciated.

For more specific information on encouraging and implementing the Coffee House on the Street dialogue contact Fred Culver.

Concerns & Interest Chart (pdf)

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