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This page will be the index of current press releases and flyers (as PDFs) for the Troost Festival and other gatherings of the Troost Folks.


The theme of the 8th Annual Troost Ave Festival is Growing a Village. In that spirit we call to all urban pioneers, village builders, farmers, chicken-, goat-, and bee-keepers. Come butchers, bakers, candlestick makers, and fire breathers! Those with a healing touch and spirit of adventure, come, create the Festival. All who are doing and dreaming of a sustainable inclusive community, come and showcase your passion, share your vision, and above all, celebrate each other.

Help get the word out - We'll be happy to send a speaker to your next meeting. 816-200-0731

  • Handout Flyer - PDF - Festival Info and Fundraiser Dinner (3-24-12) 4/up - great for handouts
  • Flyer - PDF - Festival Info and Fundraiser Dinner full page version of handout.
  • Troost Festival Wanted PostersPlanning Meeting "WANTED" POSTER - this is a 2 sided 8.5"x14" flyer inviting participation, details on back.
  • Troost Festival 2011 PosterPoster 8.5x11 - (this is a 4.4 MB pdf file)
  • Sponsorship & Community Exposure Opportunities
  • Vendor and Exhibitors - Organizations, artists, crafters, businesses are invited to The Troost Festival.
    • We require the signed release form from vendors and exhibitors
      Returned to
      Troost Festival
      % Reconciliation Services
      3101 Troost, KCMO 64109
      Make checks payable to RECONCILIATION SERVICES with a notation for the 2012 Troost Festival.

    • Tabling Fees*:
      • Not for Profit (NFP) organizations - FREE* with your own table and chairs.
      • occasional vendors - FREE* with your own table and chairs.
      • business vendors - $100

*If you don't have your own table(s) and chairs, you MUST pre-arrange to rent a table and 2 chairs - $10.00 FEE 816-200-0731.

    • ATTENTION FOOD VENDORS - YOU ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE A FOOD VENDOR PERMIT- Go to the KC Health Dept, 2400 Troost Ave, ste 3000, call 816-513-6315 for details - NO HOMEMADE FOOD ALLOWED (KC Health Dept)-


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