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April 28, 2012
8th Annual Troost Ave Festival

“The Troost Folks”
Planning Meetings -
Thursdays, 7:30 pm
at 3101 Troost

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The 8th Annual Troost Festival
Saturday, April 28, 2012
on the 3100 block of Troost Avenue

The “Troost Folks” celebrate
the talent and diversity of this
historic midtown Kansas City area.

The Troost Festival is dedicated to celebrating the diversity of the Troost community. By recognizing our collective cultures and learning to draw out the best and let go of the worst, a new culture emerges that transcends what any of us could be merely on our own.
We really become “better together.” 

The theme of the 8th Annual Troost Ave Festival is Growing a Village. In that spirit we call to all urban pioneers, village builders, farmers, chicken-, goat-, and bee-keepers. Come butchers, bakers, candlestick makers, and fire breathers! Those with a healing touch and spirit of adventure, come, create the Festival. All who are doing and dreaming of a sustainable inclusive community, come and showcase your passion, share your vision, and above all, celebrate each other.

Donations accepted through Reconciliation Services,
Pls designate the Troost Festival or
the Troost Village Community Garden.

More Fundraising for TVCA -

from the 2008 Troost Avenue Festival

People who live, work, and worship in the neighborhoods surrounding the Troost, Prospect, and Main Corridors are welcome to share their time and talents in all aspects of the Festival.

Entrepreneurs, businesses, faith groups, organizations, artists and musicians are invited to participate - Everyone is welcome.

*Planning meetings are scheduled Thursdays, 7:30 pm, at 3101 Troost.

Goals of the Festival are:

  • to recognize and celebrate the diverse creative energies of Troost Avenue,

  • change the Troost image to a place of meeting from one of division and fear,

  • to prompt residents of the community to join in life long learning.

The last five years have been fantastic and some exciting new projects are happening on the block.

In addition to the festival music, dancing, food, displays by neighborhood associations, faith groups, city services and local artists, we encourage a “coffeehouse” with dialogue around ten areas of concern- art, community, communications, education, environment, health, justice, resources, science and spirituality.

The idea for the Troost Ave Festival was created by the 2005 Race Relations Action Team, one of several teams of citizens that came together through the KC Forums project and with encouragement from the vision of Human Investment section of the FOCUS Kansas City Plan.

Who are you? The best answer we have come up with is we're “The Troost Folks”. We're a loose collaboration of individuals and individuals representing organizations, churches, and businesses in the midtown area of Kansas City, Missouri. Several of the core organizers represent nfp organizations with deep roots on Troost Ave.; when we have to interface with corporations and government entities we are under the umbrella of these nfps.


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The Troost Folks - a loose collaboration.

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