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01989 Celebration.

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Celebration Updates

When “The Future Is Now” formed in 01986 to organize a Heartland response to the call for a worldwide, simultaneous peace meditation at 12 Noon GMT on December 31 of that year, the intention was for a one time event. However, our first speaker Dr. Robert Muller, so inspired us with his and Margaret Mead’s shared vision of the world celebrating as One for the first time in history at the turn of the millennium, we committed to the celebration through the year 02000.

While our primary focus began as the yearly event, the ultimate aim of The Future Is Now is encouraging a deepening awareness of human responsibility in the evolution of the Earth through the process of celebration, which means “to set in motion”. Through celebrating together we can overcome the “little peace” of fear and boundary with the greater peace of love and openness to others.

We self organized around ten areas of interest- art, community, communications, education, environment, health, justice, resources, science and spirituality- as a way to emphasize the interrelatedness of life. It is impossible to think about health without considering the environment, science, community or any of the other areas of concern. While the annual celebrations have fluctuated in size through the years The Future Is Now has been a seed bed for several projects- The Heart Forest and the The Center for Global Community.

We have taken inspiration from the futurist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and his quote “The future of the earth is in our hands.”, Dr. Mead’s words, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, commited citizen’s can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” and Dr. Muller’s poem, “See the world with global eyes, Love the world with a global heart, Understand the world with a global mind, Merge with the world through a global spirit.”

Since 02000 the celebration in Kansas City has been held at the Rime Buddhist Center, 700 W. Pennway, KCMO. We deeply appreciate the Center carrying on the Peace Celebration. ‘Rime’ (pronounced re-may) means non-sectarian, or nonbiased, in Tibetan.

for more information about The Future Is Now, or call 816/756-0099.

... a few of the people who participated in the 01999 Celebration.

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For many years Linda Mawby, one of our most dedicated supporters, has made origami cranes as a meditation in preparation for the celebration. She then shares her art as a gift of peace to the people who come to the celebration. She also made a 6 foot origami crane for the 2000 Celebration. Linda invites you to make cranes as a peace and healing meditation. Contact Linda.

Thousand Cranes Peace Network- a great source of ideas, instructions, others who are folding cranes.

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Earth Bead
“Love the world with a global heart”-
Dr. Robert Muller
The EarthBead© was first conceived by Rae Petersen as a consciousness and fund raiser for the annual (nfp) Future Is Now Peace Celebration in 01990.

Each EarthBead© is hand made, one at a time; just as there have been countless sunrises, each EarthBead is a little different and yet the same. Formed from polyform clay (FIMO) the ocean currents, land masses, cloud formations and polar caps are different colored clays. The heart is individually formed and carefully centered on the bead.

The EarthBead is strung on a slender golden thread to symbolize the care we must give to our home in the Universe- a perfect gift those who are concerned with the future of the Earth and the Life she sustains.

$10 each. Sent in a 'recycled' gift box (rescued from the dumpster of a major retailer). Go to order page.

(Curious why there is a 0 in front of the year as we are used to seeing the date?)

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