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Earth Bead
“Love the world with a global heart”-
Dr. Robert Muller

The EarthBead© was first conceived by as a consciousness and fund raiser for the annual (nfp) Future Is Now Peace Celebration in 01990.

Each EarthBead© is hand made, one at a time; Just as there have been countless sunrises, each EarthBead is a little different and yet the same. Formed from polyform clay (FIMO) the ocean currents, land masses, cloud formations and polar caps are different colored clays. The heart is individually formed and carefully centered on the bead.

The EarthBead is strung on a slender golden thread to symbolize the care we must give to our home in the Universe- a perfect gift those who are concerned with the future of the Earth and the Life she sustains.

$10 each. Sent in a "recycled" gift box (rescued from the dumpster of a major retailer.)

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You may order an EarthBead online through The Creative Process secure server with Visa, MasterCard, AMEX & Discover. You may also call 816-756-0099 8am to 5pm CT Monday through Friday. Shipping (US Priority Mail) 10% with a minimum charge of $8.00.
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