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by Fred E. Culver

You are invited into our vocation of creating on Earth a single, learning community through the sacred work of transcultural dialogue.

We are the goal of the past and the beginning of levels still to come. In the child, we see our smallness and our vastness; we celebrate the potential in each person and revere the essence of the living universe.

Perfectibility, the principle underlying all life activity, draws human beings into connection with the primary, most pervasive processes of life, death and rebirth.

Through the resolution of opposities, we seek a spiritual awakening, overcoming and overreaching, within the transformative power of the deep unconscious.

Joy is our commitment and making friends is our method, enabling each other to live to capacity and creativity.

a sketch of our world*

...exploitive and extractive with widely shifting and fluctuating domestic and international economics, resulting in

fierce competition for limited resources,

servere destruction of the biosphere,

racial, ethinic, national, and religious conflicts throughout the world,

with a consequent failure of intimacy,

all fueled by a tremendous increase in population.

our response is a community of dialogue



beyond parts



beyond multicultural



beyond powerless crowd



beyond coerce



beyond single focus



beyond compliance

our mission is a global learning community

“Within the child lies the fate of the future.” Maria Montessori

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