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Pope John Paul II : Posters, Notecards, & Bookmarks
“Conformism brings uniformity rather than unity.”

Karol Wojtyla was born in Wadowice, Poland in 1920. Since he was elected Pope John Paul II in 1978, he has often been seen by many as the people’s Pope.

He has been a student leader, a laborer, a factory worker, an actor, a sports man, a published poet, and a philosopher, as well as being a Prince of the Church.

The variety of his experience and training made him a pastor of exceptional ability. As he has taken more responsibility, he has not lost his interest in, nor his understanding, of people.

A world leader, he works for the cause of human dignity.

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Pope John Paul II, portrait by Frank Szasz
Pope John Paul II
b. 5-18-1920; Poland
d. 4-2-2005; Vatican
Artist: Frank V. Szasz

Pope John Paul II,
Global PathMarker portrait
available as poster, notecards,
& biographical bookmark.

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