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Clarinda Black Leonard

From the Black Family Book Narrative, ca 1975

CLARINDA, was born in 1826 in Ohio. She married William Leonard 7 September 1843 and they lived in Jefferson Township where five children were born [Jefferson Twp 1850 Hillsdale Census]. Clarinda and William moved to Oklahoma sometime after 1860 and before 1879. She died 23 November 1885 in White Bead Hill, OK.

Mary Ette, died before her third birthday and is buried in the Taylor Cemetery.





The Clarinda line was lost for awhile (they knew where they were but we didn't know where they were) but contact has been made with the Internet.


Yes, there are a whole parcel of us descended from Clarinda Black and WK Leonard. I think the most of us are in Colorado. I'm in Idaho. I would love to learn all I can about the Black family. I don't know anymore than that I am descended from Clarinda and who her parents were. Do you have more information that would help my search? It would be greatly appreciated.

Your long lost cousin,

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I also have made contact with Leila Menzies of the Clarinda branch is hot on the trail of Harvey Sr's father.

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