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Our calling is to actively and intentionally participate in the creative process of Life on Earth by encouraging and celebrating the potential of each person to touch into the transformative power of their deep unconscious.

Transforming individuals and the resulting spiritually vibrant communities are the most fruitful ground for actions that will create sustainable practices for all human activity.

Our commitment is to Joy and our method is the Friend...

who are we?

The individuals forming CGC share the belief that humanity has the destiny and responsibility to evolve consciously into community that integrates the spiritual with the physical and the personal with the civic and social.

Realizing the world needs models of dialogue and fluid organizations to overcome the unintended consequences of rigid and unsustainable civic and economic structures, we are willing to venture ourselves into an “experiment in depth” where we...

• will more fully know ourselves,

• stay open to each other, sharing assumptions through Dialogue,

• collaborate on local, regional and global projects,

as our fundamental contributions to the “great work” of creating of global community.

participate now

• Read the archived Blog. The "Creative Process" Blog and Forum were set up to provide encouragement and support for the process of individuation and building community.

• Start Journaling to initiate your interior dialogue.

• Educate yourself by reading from our recommended book list as a way of providing a common ground for dialogue.

• Join, or create, a “Collaborative Contemplative Circle” of 8-12 people, among your friends or in your neighborhood, to "become the change you want" and faciliate community building and sustainability.

• If you are in the KC area or have a connection to Troost Ave., check out the Troost Ave. Festival -

Fred Culver for more information.


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Center for Global Community
123 W. Armour Blvd., KCMO 64111

“The future of the Earth is in our hands.” Pierre Teilhard de Chardin